Apple Mac OS X Dashboard: frivolous or extremely innovating?

Ok, let’s give up serious things for a minute… 😉

Jokes apart, sometimes happens to stumble in stunning things around the world of computer. In the last years, Apple gave us an example of how things should work in a company that wants to be innovative. And who says “Naah, Apple is not for me!” should think twice about it and at least evaluate the surface of the work done by this company (ok, I should say that I’m not affiliated in any way to Apple, Inc.) I say only one more thing: Apple has managed the only thing none has been capable in more than 30 years, they gave Unix a real, useful and beautiful User Interface!

Let’s take an example: “Tiger”‘s Dashboard. Ok, the idea is not new and maybe Apple stole that to a poor little programmer out there, but let’s look at the technical side: if you look a this quick introduction, you’ll surely agree on the fact that it’s beautifully implemented, and here for “beauty” I mean “intelligence”, not graphics that are incredible anyway.

They’ve not reinvented the wheel again and again: you can write a Widget in minutes if you know HTML+CSS+Javascript (and I know that you know them). They only made a few extensions to the standards (like the canvas one to have a drawable surface) and a plugin interface through which you can bridge every feature of the OS or of any application, but these one were not options for this kind of application. If you are good at UI design and with a little web experience, you’re done.

For example, do you remember the old good Visual C++ macros, extensions, MFC and so on? Ok, just another thing completely.
What I mean is that computer science and computer professional should stop doing brain dead things when they do their work: Apple is an example is this field, like some other companies or Open Source projects. We should stop a moment and think about the smartest way to do our work. BTW, management are you hearing?

Dashboard may not be the most useful piece of software in the world, but if you want to do something useful with it you are on the fast lane.