La demistificazione della cloud

Qualcosa di strano e inaspettato è successo di recente: la grande cloud Amazon ha avuto un grosso problema. Tutti ne parlano, e tutti stanno trasmettendo questo grande senso di sorpresa.

Fermiamoci un attimo e chiediamoci: come mai è così strano e inaspettato che AWS abbia avuto un problema? La cloud è una creazione umana, quindi ha avuto un problema, come c’era da aspettarsi, e avrà altri problemi in futuro. In ogni caso, sono sicuro che abbia avuto altri problemi in passato, ma questi non sono stati così grandi da essere notati come quest’ultimo grande evento.
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Clouds Evolve: Dealing with Infrastructure Complexity

As expected, at least by me, Amazon EC2 is evolving in a more “concrete” platform good for web hosting; in fact, some time ago I received a mail from AWS announcing two new features: Elastic IP Addresses and Availability Zones (you read for sure the news also on Slashdot: Amazon EC2 Now More Ready for Application Hosting, isn’t it?)

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Amazon EC2 will get persistent storage

Only a small note to let you know that Amazon is hearing us and added a new feature to EC2: persistent storage.

As a subscriber of AWS services yesterday I received an email in which Amazon announces that we “will be able to create volumes ranging in size from 1 GB to 1 TB, and will be able to attach multiple volumes to a single instance. Volumes are designed for high throughput, low latency access from Amazon EC2, and can be attached to any running EC2 instance where they will show up as a device inside of the instance…“.

The mail ends saying that the new functionality “will be publicly available later this year” and offers a link to request to join the private beta program; I subscribed it and will let you now as soon as I’ll put my hands on it.

More on the [Computing] Clouds

Recently I stumbled upon a couple of articles1,2 and, remembering my experience with EC2, I discovered that utility computing was not what I was searching for: I was searching for something that helped me without adding complexity, but I was not happy with simple web hosting offers, I wanted also complete control over my infrastructure to have the technical freedom that I could need and because, when I think about my customers’ data, I trust no one.

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