memcached Java-J# client API port

A quick post to explain that I’ve done a quick-port of memcached Java client API to J#, and it has worked great on my test environment, but I think this is not a viable option for a production roll-out of memcached.

Even if J# runs directly on CLR so you have full speed, this can be a viable option except for the fact that J# library compatibility is with Java 1.1.4, so you don’t have many things (like Collections) and, in any case, there’s at least a mapping layer between J# libraries and .Net libraries.

Apart from that, my port suffers from only one potential problem (to my knowloedge): Socket class lacks isConnected() method (it has been simulated.) The only real changes done by me are in the test app for displaying timing results.

Here you can find a zip archive with a solution and two projects (client and test app) for Visual Studio.NET 2003.

Please let me know if you find it working and useful. If there will be enough interest, I’ll expand this informations to a dedicated web space.

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  1. Thank you, I’ve edited the file URL.

    Please note that there are more recent versions of the memcached client (see the memcached site, I’m using the C# one that works really well for now.)

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