My Feed is Burning Now

Ok, maybe it’s a period of change for me, so yesterday I’ve added FeedBurner to my blog feed or, to say it better, I’ve added my feed to FeedBurner. I never did it before because I thought that the feed of “my” blog should be served directly and not passing through some unkown entity to depend on exclusively one day (yes, I’m a little paranoid about freedom of speech.)

In fact, when you activate FeedBurner on a feed, you are putting a middleman between you and the readers of that feed: the original feed become a sort of “private channel” between you and FeedBurner, and from that moment FeedBurner is the “real” provider of the feed, at least for what is known to the readers.

So what’s changed now? Why I changed my mind?

Ok, I’ve not entirely changed my mind (I remain paranoid), but I decided to put to the test FeedBurner trying it and seeing what will happen in the medium term. One more reason now is that FeedBurner was acquired by Google: normally I trust Google, but it is reaching a size and a value that can compromise the reality of its motto “Don’t be evil” and so it needs “help” through monitoring from third parts like me (and you.)