Nadia Camandona Editore on Facebook

I’ve just created a “page” on Facebook for the company of my wife, whose name is Nadia Camandona Editore.

I wasn’t a “social” type on the web, but I discovered Facebook and other social web sites while I helped my brother doing a small application (requires registration) for a customer of mine. Before then, I was not interested in such types of web sites because I sought them as simple “toys” or something that connected people just for fun, but after discovering the platform behind Facebook, I changed my mind. As a confirmation, also Google entered the “social” market with Open Social, an API that will be implemented by different social sites and will let the application run an all of them; the first one was Orkut (a company that Google bought), but there are other following like the (in)famous MySpace; Facebook in not between the names that support the API, so there will be competition: let’s see who will win.