18 thoughts on “Pidgin Portable 2.0”

  1. Question, what of the various .ini configurations? specifically:

    should these change to Pidgin and PidginPortable?

  2. They should be changed, look at the example .ini file included in the PidginPortableSource folder (at least in theory, because I did not test all the features.) Note that “Pidgin” and “Portable” are now swapped, like in the following example excerpt:


    Hope it helps.

  3. Why would this file exist: App\DefaultData\settings\PidginPortableSettings.ini
    when this directory (App\*) is already in the context of Pidgin itself. Should I put the settings in there?

    sorry for bombarding you with questions. Thanks for making the package in the first place.

  4. Okay, figured it out. If you exclude or do not define the GTK option in the ini then it gives you an error that it could not find pidgin.exe
    a misleading error but working now regardless.

    thanks again

  5. Good idea, I’ll do it but no promises because I have no time. I should add that I want to avoid creating a separate “Portable” product because the guys at portableapps.com did a really good work and producing something different from what they produce resembles too much a fork, and I only wanted to produce a patch. It shouldn’t be the case if I add OTR to my patched Portable Pidgin, but you should definitely ask them to add this option to their product.

  6. Thank you very much, it’s perfect. Indeed, I have to say that “my” splash is orrible (sorry for that) on purpose, to remember people that my version of Portable Pidgin is not official. I’ll use your splash only if the official version will be delayed for too much time, or you can produce a version of the splash with something written like “unofficial” that I can use immediately.

  7. The online/offline status of people on my sametime account does not update properly… many times people appear to be offline when really they are online…seems like a bug somewhere….any ideas?

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