Webmin APC UPS modules mirror

I’ve decided to mirror here the two Webmin modules related to APC UPS.

I state here that I am not related to APC nor to the modules’ author in any way: the only reason for mirroring them is that they are hard to find. In fact, the links on the Webmin third-party modules site are broken and I was lucky enough to find them encoded in a mailing list message (and I’ve extracted them with the beautiful UUDeview utility, very handy.)

Here follow the links:

APC UPS Daemon 0.81-1 (depends on apcupsd)

APC Smart UPS 0.78 (depends on apcd)

EDIT 20080713: someone asked for more information about these modules, so I’ll add what I remember (in fact they are old, I created this page on 2005 and at that time they were almost lost in the Internet sea). These modules are independent from each other because they communicate with their counterpart daemons that should be installed separately (respectively apcupsd and apcd, as stated before). Personally I use apcupsd so I installed it and then the first Webmin module listed here (I changed the order so now its the first one in my list). Finally, they should be installed as any other Webmin module (go on their site if you don’t know how to do it). Hope this helps.

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