SuSE 10.0 Professional Upgrade

Ok, I’ve done it! I’ve upgraded my server (the server that is serving you this page) from SuSE 9.3 to 10.0. And… it worked without a hitch.

I must confess that upgrading a server has been always a “dramatic” experience for me: not for the thing itself, but for the preparation work that it implied some time before. In the weeks after the release of SuSE, I’ve been tempted to upgrade my server, but I wait to “hear” from the Internet for upgrade problems, but nothing seemed to surface. So in the weekend I’ve found the time and I’ve put the DVD in place: in 2 hours and a half (time to think and undestand comprised) my server was upgraded. It’s a mini-PC with AMD 64 and 512 MB of RAM, SATA disks and so on: nothing special. It runs all major Internet services (from BIND to Apache), so I was expecting at least some small problems, but everything worked as expected.

So bravo! to SuSE team for the great work.

P.S. Only a note: try to avoid the use of webmin (with virtualmin) and YAST at the same time to administer Apache and BIND, because they overlap and try to fix what it’s not broken (YAST in 10.0 messed up Apache and BIND configuration when I started Apache configuration module.) I think that is acceptable when you know that the two tools follow two different ways to manage the server configuration.