The Italian iPhone Scandal

Just today, on the announced first day of iPhone 3G on the market, the Italian “competitive spirit” has struck again: it seems that Vodafone and TIM have “agreed” to maintain prices of the iPhone ridiculously high; luckily someone has noticed it and reported it to the antitrust agency, which will monitor now possible violations of the law: TLC. I-phone, Antitrust opens pre-inquiry on Tim and Vodafone after the petition submitted by the Movement of Defense of the citizen (MDC).

Many people are protesting (as can be seen looking on search engines), and in particular the site launched the online petition iPhoneAffossato, which should help to disseminate more information to the public.

Despite the cost too high compared to other countries, the iPhone is selling well (at least judging from the numbers of the Vodafone shop, if they are real…) and probably the boycott, suggested by several parties, will not have the necessary effectiveness to lower the rates of the two companies: have we to hope in the Tre offer?