The future of Venkman, the Mozilla Javascript Debugger

In a previous post, I asked a question about the future of Venkman.

There seem to be no official response yet, so I did a simple search: I’ve gone on Mozilla Module Owners page and searched for Venkman owner info. There are related maintainer, peers, newsgroups and pages.

So I looked for newsgroups: if you go on the official newsgroup, you’ll find that it is officially closed and you have to go on the new one. Here you find a message from Aleks Totic on 2006/2/14 that says that he has a patch to solves some known bugs of version .85 and bumps the version number to .87. Here you find also a link to the related bug in bugzilla (and a link to his xpi). Besides that, you can find two versions numbered .86, one by James Ross on official Mozilla Addons site and the one already known to all us by Joe.

The most interesting news are from the bug comments, where there is clearly stated that

Venkman has been effectively unowned for months (and still is in many respects)“.

So we have a sort of an official answer to my question, but Aleks did a good work (it’s sad that he gave up at some point), James Ross and other people peered for the module, so seems that Venkman is not dead.

I’m writing an email to all people involved (to my knowledge) with Venkman also at Mozilla Foundation to ask if they know what is going with Venkman.

Stay tuned, more on this when I get a reply.

2 thoughts on “The future of Venkman, the Mozilla Javascript Debugger”

  1. The newsgroup thing is because no-one bothered to update the module listing information with the move – all the old netscape.* heirachy is dead. I’ve attempted to update the group from the admin side, but I don’t know if it’ll work (the admin page still shows the old group, but it claimed the update worked – we’ll see).

    I would strongly suggest that you start any and all discussions you want about Venkman in – there are people there, and we do know stuff (sometimes). I’m pretty sure the people at MoFo (note: I’m not part of MoFo) know the general issue of lack-of-people that Venkman has, and I’m not sure what good it does privately e-mailing them. I’d have preferred the queries in the e-mail to be in a public newsgroup post – there’s nothing secret going on here.

    Anyway, I’m going to try and nail that Thunderbird patch into CVS now and – all going well – put up a new version of the extension on Mozilla Addons soon after (though it’ll probably take a few days to show up, due to the approval backlog they have).

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