Useful stuff for Mac OS X switchers

Here the original stuff, very useful to those that are switching from Windows to Mac OS X.

Some personal opinions:

  • Firefox 1.5 is very good on Mac, even if performances are not as good as Safari in some case (namely startup time.) Maybe Camino is a more viable option than Firefox on Mac when the 1.0 version will come out
  • for FTP, I installed FireFTP, a multi-platform Firefox extension that does its job very well.
  • Adium X is very stable and has good support for many protocols (it uses libgaim) and, besides that, I find beautiful its user interface; it does not support voice and video directly. I tried also Fire and, even if it’s good, it’s not as good as Adium
  • Microsoft Office does work well most of time but with some glitches and crashes; I’m a fan of OpenOffice, but it has serious problems (even in version 2.0, tried on Windows) converting from slightly complex Office documents that contains images and some layout; anyway, I think most people are waiting for the navite OpenOffice port on Mac OS X
  • If you are typesetting seriously, the only choice is Quark XPress, even if Quark has not been so serious in supporting its product; again, we are wainting for a stable port of Scribus, which is promising and runs now under fink

BTW, if need to install Open Source software on Mac OS X, you can try fink and DarwinPorts: I don’t know which is better (I’ve tried only fink some time ago and had no problems) and seems that there isn’t a clear winner (opinions on web are discordant).