Venkman for Firefox

I’ve just grabbed the beta update of Firefox and, surprise, Venkman is disabled again. So I’ve done what someone else did here for Firefox 1.5 (thanks!): I’ve grabbed the jw2 version and changed the max version number to 1.6.

Note that I’ve not tested it throughly, so there are no garantees.

Please find the xpi here.

And now the most important question: what will be the future of Venkman?

[EDIT 2006/02/01] From the date of publication (on 26 january), hits on my site are more than doubled and Venkman was downloaded more than 500 times! I’m glad that my small hack helped so many people in the developer community. My only worry is that none seems to know what the future of Venkman will be: does someone know it?

[EDIT 2006/02/04] It seems that joe has done it again.

[EDIT 2006/02/14] From the date of publication (on 26 january), hits on Venkman xpi were more than 1500 times. We all hope that someone will take on its development.

6 thoughts on “Venkman for Firefox”

  1. Thanks muchly. I don’t know where I’d be without Venkman.

    I was a bit annoyed that firefox only tells you what extensions you lose AFTER the install. It’s perfectly capable of presenting the list on the initial upgrade request.

    Thanks again.

  2. Yes, that could be a good idea, I’m programmer with long experience and I love Mozilla and OSS movement. Though my problem is time: I don’t want the responsibility of Venkman now because I have no time (like other ones). Maybe that changes in future.

    The other problem for me is the lack of an official word form the original developer or the Mozilla Foundation: Venkman is important to all us and an official word would help us decide what to do with it (maybe they just decided to continue development without notice.)

    Another option would be a branch, but I don’t like it: branching means a division of forces, sometimes means a war.

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